Birth with a Toddler

Yes the title sounds weird “click bait-ish” but it is exactly that, a mom laboring and giving birth with a toddler present. This topic might have its naysayers (which is so absurd to me because birth is such an vital part of life) but in all honesty it was an amazing and enlightening experience to share with this family. As with any toddler, there were some rough moments, but mostly because he didn’t have his mom’s complete attention, so I made sure (as did grandma who cared for him all day, exhausted and nervously awaiting the baby) I took breaks and played blocks with this sweet boy. But other than a few lightly upset minutes he was astoundingly supportive, sweet, and most of all prepared. I don’t do birth stories, it’s a personal choice as a photographer to not do them. I don’t want to change or enhance the memories formed that day other than to provide documentation by photographs. I have decided to blog births from a specific perspective, of that specific birth, and this experience was so profoundly incredible with Isaac (their adorable toddler) that I knew I wanted to focus on his part of the birth experience.


From start to finish he seemed beyond his years in understanding how the body works, how people around him are feeling, and how to show love and support to the other people around him. He exclaimed throughout the day to the midwife Amy Zenizo (who is LEGIT the best by the way) that she was doing a “good job,” as well as his momma, and me as the photographer! Shortly after the placenta made its appearance Isaac said “Good job with that placenta momma,” then looked at Amy and said “you too Amy, good job with that placenta!” After going through the images and seeing his sweet face as his new baby “Margret” was earth side I just shouldn’t imagine that birth without him there, he was such an important facet to this entire process and this family as a whole. I commend this mom and dad for being truly loving and honest to this process!


Please enjoy these images from this wonderful family family home birth!





















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  1. Ernedtina

    February 17, 2016 at 1:37 am

    Beautiful experience, loved it.

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